Reporting Online Exploitation

#HACK2022 Challenge

How might we connect the community to our local enforcement to be able to report online sexual exploitation of children cases?

To end OSEC (online sexual exploitation of children) we have to stop those committing the crimes and rescue the children who are victims of it. There are many ways for the government to be made aware of these types of crimes. Children need those aware of the abuse to report the crime to the authorities. However, reporting this crime is not a simple task, and requires a level of dedication the average person, unfortunately, doesn’t possess. Your challenge is to create a simple and efficient way to report online exploitation, or attempt to rebuild the gap between a local community and its law enforcement.

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About the Organization

International Justice Mission is a global organization that protects people in poverty from violence. They partner with local authorities in 29 program offices in 17 countries to combat trafficking and slavery, violence against women and children and police abuse of power.

About Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC)

Cybersex trafficking is the live-streaming sexual abuse of children viewed over the internet. We need your help to rescue these children and stop them from being exploited in the first place.