Stories from #HACK

All of the people who have taken part in #HACK since 2016 have their own stories – stories of lives changed, problems solved, and Jesus made known. Here is just a glimpse of what God has done through Indigitous #HACK.

Simple Animation is the First Bible Story in This Language

The problem is that there are a lot of people groups that have little to no biblical material in their language. That is the case with the Pukapuka people group.

A Chatbot to Disrupt Human Trafficking

Are there any innovations that can help solve this problem, to stop the exploitation of sex workers and the home-wrecking and life-wrecking sin of those who pay for them? A team at a hackathon developed a chatbot to do exactly that.

Tips for Christian Collaboration

Collaboration is something that we must all do in one way or another. As followers of Jesus, collaborating with other Christians can help us make more of a kingdom impact.

An App to Cover a City in Prayer

If you’re used to praying with your eyes closed in a dark, quiet room and are feeling stuck, maybe it’s time to get out of the house and go on a prayer walk.

Exciting Projects from #HACK2021

Participants came from 113 cities and 34 countries around the world to make an impact and help solve problems facing the global mission field and their own local communities.