From the #HACK I am encouraged to leave from here today, to go out there, share my experiences, and see how I can best share the Word of God through technology.

– Darlington, #HACK Liberia

It was exciting to collaborate with people of the same faith, but with very different skills and backgrounds, and I really enjoyed the chemistry that came out of it.

– Yurino, #HACK Copehagen (lives in Vienna and participated virtually)

I could see us joining hands, the young and the old, to bring this tool that God has used over the
years in our own country and beyond and taking it and making it more accessible to more people.

– Dora, #HACK Uganda

I heard about the hackathon again this year because of a friend, Selegna. She told me about #HACK and she told me she needed help with a lot of things because she was going to participate and I like to serve people so I offered myself to help her.

– Armando, #HACK Panama


#HACK is a great way to get the IT community together and do something to help others and missions. They are very encouraging for us and those we are serving; it is even more important these days to encourage one another.

– Rick, #HACK Chiang Mai

An event like this is more needed now than ever before because so much more is happening online than ever before.

– Johan, #HACK South Africa

We’re grateful to be present, to be working for God side by side.

– Iñaki, #HACK Buenos Aires

The best part was the amazing ideas, faith, and hard work it takes to develop something that really impacts.

– #HACK Participant


God gave us an amazing opportunity to use our talents for His kingdom. It’s been so good to be with Godly and professional brothers. I can’t wait for the 2020 hackathon. May God bless all those who participated in making this happen.

– Kaleb, #HACK Addis

We got to see a room full of people begin to see their skillset as being part of the church body.

– James, #HACK London

The event was to massive and amazing as it was the first of its kind in the community.

– Joshua, #HACK Bauchi State

Amazing to see the body of Christ come together to work for the Kingdom together… I teared up to see these groups of people from all over the world coming together for one Jewish man called Jesus. Absolutely beautiful.

– Tiana, #HACK Singapore

#HACK allowed me to see that we can make big things in a small amount of time with the Lord if we are available.

– Tresor, #HACK D’Jamena

I got to see God influence people’s lives through media… It was great seeing young guys come together with an interest to use media to reach out to others for Christ.

– Noha, #HACK Nairobi

The best part was the amazing ideas, faith, and hard work it takes to develop something that really impacts.

– Rebeca, #HACK Panama

It was amazing to see mission-minded, servant-hearted volunteers commit so much time, working into the night … to see the job done!

– Winnie, #HACK Raleigh

It was awesome to see how total strangers came together and worked together as if they had been a team for years. It was awesome to see the Lord at work through ordinary people using their skills for His

– Johan, #HACK Pretoria

I joined #HACK to make a change in the world.

– Alfredo, #HACK Panama

God showed that He is still the one bringing people together to fulfill the mission.

– Jonah, #HACK Iloilo


Hacking means more than just writing great code. #HACK is a collaboration between technologists, designers, missionaries, data analysts, researchers – anyone who wants to come be part of the solution.

– Ali Llewellyn, CoFounder of Quite Uncommon

I loved the environment. As a frequent attender of hackathons, one thing that really stands out with #HACK is the community of hackers wanting to further their faith. There was less of a competition aspect and more focus on actually completing the challenges faced to help others in their walks with Christ. Worship music was always playing in the background, and at times I could hear people around me singing as they worked. Overall just an amazing event and encouraging to experience as a student in the tech industry.

– #HACK Location Lead

The journey we went on for the weekend was itself a series of miracles. On the event weekend,
Holy Spirit moved among the developers and teams. It opened their minds to allow ideas and communications to take root… God has already put people in place to help make this happen. Absolute faith works absolutely.

– #HACK Location Lead

Seeing so many people passionate about using and sharing their gifts for God’s kingdom brings tears of joy to my eyes.

– #HACK Location Lead

Seeing so many more people catch the dream of [my project]. Was stunned at how many signed up to work in the team and then have another project team in another city offering to merge with the project – long term! I sent out a prayer letter just before I departed for this event. I think someone was on their knees for this one. Judges were also very encouraging with one wanting to be notified when it’s ready. Blown away a second time at #HACK. Thank You, God!

– #HACK Participant

The best hackathon ever, combining a church camp and a hackathon.

– #HACK Participant


What it means to be on mission, to serve others, and to be a global church –
is literally being redefined right in front of us. And it’s technology that is making this a reality.

– Ali Llewellyn, CoFounder of Quite Uncommon

You don’t need to be a programmer to to get involved. We need designers, photographers, writers, project managers, social media gurus – creative thinkers of all types. The most important skills are the abilities to work with others and find new ways to solve problems.

– Bret Staudt Willet, Intervarsity’s Director of Ministry in Digital Spaces

Indigitous #Hack is an opportunity to unleash the huge potential in a generation of technologists to improve our world. The event gives a community of passionate people a chance to use their God-given gifts and experiences to help individuals and organizations serve others better.

– Ken Cochrum, Vice President of Global Digital Strategies at Cru

At Hack Chiang Mai, traditional barriers were overcome. Thai and English speakers could work together and exchange ideas. Programmers who have been developing apps allowed newcomers to run with new concepts and ideas. Strangers quickly became colleagues and friends. Students contributions were valued by veteran developers. And God was praised. So it is no surprise that the weekend ended in prayer and with the unanimous desire by the participants to follow up with other opportunities to meet, share and serve together. As one put it: “such a glimpse of God’s Kingdom at work is truly life changing!”

– Robert, #HACK Chiang Mai

I’m hosting Indigitous #HACK Chicago because Hack4Missions at Urbana15 changed my life. Going into the missional conference, I had no idea that I could use my gifts with technology to serve the kingdom. I had always assumed that the skills the world valued and the skills God valued were so different that I either had to be a tech person or a committed Christian, and that I could only do both by being lukewarm about my faith. Hack4Missions changed all that. It gave me a mission field. It gave me an organization of like-minded people… I realized for the first time ever that my skills could be used to further the kingdom without ever leaving my own house, by contributing to the under-reached communities on the internet and in my dorm. Missions, I realized, didn’t mean going where I thought I could be missional. It meant going where God thought I should be missional.

– Drew, #HACK Chicago

I was 36 years old before I realized that I could combine both my love for Jesus and my passion for technology and build stuff that matters. You don’t have to wait until you are 36 years old; you can get involved today.

– Mark, #HACK Madison

I never thought there was a place for a “tech guy” in a church except working behind the monitors. As a techie guy, I never thought that we can also bring Jesus to the lost and make disciples in the digital space. Last weekend, I had this opportunity to join a hackathon event held by Indigitous Philippines. At the back of my mind, how in the world Christians can make disciples using internet and technology? Oh boy, I was wrong! The enemy has been using the internet to kill, steal and destroy lives. Why not use the same tool to spread the gospel and spread the love to those who needs it?

– Dhenn, #HACK Manila