On November 4-6, 2016, 1,426 technologists, developers, designers and mission workers in 28 cities and 15 nations around the world and online came together for the first ever Indigitous #HACK. Here are a few highlights from #HACK2016.

#HACK2016 Numbers

  • 1,426 Participants
  • 15 Countries
  • 28 Cities
  • 6 Continents

Orlando, USA

Indigitous started #HACK in 2016, not knowing how God would use the event.

Manila, Philippines

Though most people think of developers when they think of hackathons, a writer hesitantly joined #HACK Manila, not sure if there would be anything for her to do. What happened changed the way she looks at hacking and her own place in missions.

[WINNER: Most Creative]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

During an election year, a Brazilian team launched CandidatoPerfeito, a social media campaign to present Jesus and His attributes to university students as the perfect candidate to govern their lives.

[WINNER: Best in Class]

Orlando, USA

A team in Orlando made significant UX improvements to the Child at Risk app, improving the data sorting and interface.

[WINNER: Most Innovative]

Waterloo, Canada

Tackling the problem of suicide, a team in Waterloo developed A Survivor Story, a website that provides valuable resources to people struggling with suicidal thoughts, and used a number of SEO techniques to help the website rank highly in search engines.  

[WINNER: Biggest Impact]

Boise, USA

A group of Boise participants created a tool that removes the need for server-side scripting on the BibleBoxPi platform so that the solution can serve more users. 

[WINNER: Best Technology]

Austin, USA

A team in Austin created Moodify, a tool that makes musical playlists to help listeners progress toward a more positive mood.

[WINNER: Best Technology]

Hilversum, Netherlands

Taking on a challenge of telling the Gospel story in an innovative way, participants in the Netherlands created VR Life of Jesus. Using the film The Gospel of John, the project shows the timeline and history of the life of Jesus in virtual reality form.

[WINNER: Best Demo]

Chișinău, Moldova

The Music Finder project created by a team in Moldova focused on changing the listeners’ feelings through music.

“Indigitous #Hack is an opportunity to unleash the huge potential in a generation of technologists to improve our world. The event gives a community of passionate people a chance to use their God-given gifts and experiences to help individuals and organizations serve others better.”

Ken Cochrum, Vice President of Global Digital Strategies