Join the Largest Global Hackathon for Missions in October 2022.

Indigitous is hosting its 7th annual hackathon through the month of October, 2022. #HACK is a global event where participants around the world create innovative digital solutions to issues facing their communities.

Why #HACK2022?

1. To take the gospel to New People, Places and Spaces

#HACK2022 Project Focus

2. To Serve our Participants and Project Providers

More Information about #HACK2022

These links provide more helpful information about #HACK2022. If you need any assistance please reach out via our contact form or at hack@indigitous.org.

Champion (Host)

#HACK Champions (or city hosts) make #HACK possible in their city. Bring #HACK2022 to your City Here is a snapshot …



October 2022 will bring the largest global hackathon for missions to a city near you. If not Register for #HACK2022


October Schedule

Here is an overview of the global events for #HACK2022. To see the events for Virtual #HACK, please check the …



Thanks to our amazing Champions #HACK2022 is taking place in these locations during October – November 2022. If your city …