SAVE THE DATE: October 15-17 and 22-24, 2021

Bring #HACK2021 To Your City

You have an opportunity to make an impact for God in your city. Indigitous wants to empower you to serve your city and tackle those real problems facing your friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

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Complete the signup form and the closest regional lead will reach out to you.



Your regional lead will approve your application and interview you to hear about your passion, answer questions, and help you think through your event.



Join other city leads in #HACK2021 planning calls to discuss best practices and learn from those who have led the event in the past.



You will have regular communication with your regional lead and with other city leads to support you through the process.



Form a design team and plan your own customized #HACK2021 event.



Convene hackers in your city during one weekend in October to collaborate on missional projects.



Invite attendees to continue engagement with the local Indigitous community.

Interested in leading #HACK2021 in your city?

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You are strong in your biblical Christian faith.

Technologist or Creative

You’re a member of the tech or creative industry who understands technical development.


You understand how to run a hackathon or are willing to learn.


You’re able to gather a local team to manage logistics, keep a tight schedule, coordinate various elements of a hackathon, and communicate with participants.


You can commit to 2 monthly calls and regular communication with the Regional Lead until 30 October 2021.


You value hospitality, encouragement, and prayer.

The journey we went on for the weekend was itself a series of miracles. On the event weekend, the Holy Spirit moved among the developers and teams.

#HACK City Lead

Seeing so many people passionate about using and sharing their gifts for God’s kingdom brings tears of joy to my eyes.

#HACK City Lead

HACK allowed me to see that we can make big things in a small amount of time with the Lord if we are available.

Tresor, N’Djamena

It was awesome to see how total strangers came together and worked together as if they had been a team for years. It was awesome to see the Lord at work through ordinary people using their skills for His glory.

Jonah, Pretoria

#HACK is a great way to get the IT community together and do something to help others and missions.

Rick, Chiang Mai

We’re grateful to be present, to be working for God side by side.

Iñaki, Buenos Aires

We got to see a room full of people begin to see their skillset as being part of the church body.

James, London

It was amazing to see mission-minded, servant-hearted volunteers commit so much time, working into the night to see the job done!

Winnie, Raleigh

God showed that He is still the one bringing people together to fulfill the mission.

Jonah, Iloilo


Co-Founder, Indigitous
Loves building platforms, learning about the blockchain/crypto space and investing in virtual real estate.


Project Lead For #HACK
Loves gathering followers of Jesus together for partnership, innovation and collaboration.


Africa, English & Portuguese
Passionate about all things faith and technology.


Africa, English & Portuguese
Passionate Digital Ministry.


Africa, English & Portuguese
Loves connecting people to Jesus through digital strategies.


Africa, French
Enjoys being at the intersection of mission, youth, leadership and digital.
A Christian entrepreneur who wants to leverage the power of technology to create a better world.


Passionate about digital missions and helping people be a part of the mission.


Latin America
Loves connecting people to Jesus through digital strategies.


South Asia
Follower of the Nazarene.


North America
An interdisciplinary designer with 10+ years of experience in product design & strategy, project management, and workshop design and facilitation.


North America
Loves to imagine new ways to empower people towards the great commission beyond the four church walls.


A tech community builder and a follower of God’s calling on his life.


Interested in technology and theology.

Lead #HACK2021 in your city

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The hackathon at the 2015 Urbana Student Missions Conference inspired Indigitous co-founder Simon Seow to start our own #HACK.

#HACK was launched in 2016 with the help of Nicholas Skytland and Alicia Llewellyn, founders of various NASA hackathons, including the Space Apps Challenge and the National Day of Civic Hacking.

This is the sixth edition of Indigitous’ global missional hackathon.

Join the world’s largest global missional collaboration.

Since 2016, 210 cities have hosted a #HACK. Bring the hackathon to your city.

More than 4,300 hackers have participated in #HACK, sometimes working with people on the other side of the world.

316 missional projects have been started at #HACK events, all aimed at furthering the Great Commission.

41 #HACK locations have sustained active Indigitous communities after the event.

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About #HACK

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Top Overall Project 2020
Most Kingdom Impact 2020
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Most Viable 2020
People’s Choice 2020
God gave us an amazing opportunity to use our talents for His kingdom. It’s been so good to be with Godly and professional brothers.

Kaleb, Addis

It opened my eyes to see how a hackathon could help solve real world problems.

#HACK Participant

I’ve never been in a setting where technology, missions, and faith are directly linked. This is the perfect space to see that come to life for me.

#HACK Participant

The best hackathon ever, combining a church camp and a hackathon.

#HACK Participant

The best part was the amazing ideas, faith, and hard work it takes to develop something that really impacts.

Rebeca, Panama

I joined #HACK to make a change in the world.

Alfredo, Panama

I loved seeing God’s mission in action.

#HACK Participant