#HACK2021 Global Judging Process

Working together to sharpen our efforts and increase the impact of #HACK2021.

Judging is a core part of a mass collaboration because our desired outcome is impact. Judging is not meant in this context to encourage competition, but instead to sharpen the efforts of all participants and increase the impact of their work. The desired outcome is better work and a better story to tell about our collaborative work.

Recognition is a focus because it reminds us of the unique contribution we all make to the larger body - each is valuable!


Your location will vote for the projects based on the following categories. Here are some criteria that may be used to evaluate the solution or project you submitted.

#1 Challenge Accepted

Work with your team during the #HACK weekend to craft a solution or project.

Work with your team during the #HACK weekend to craft a solution or project.

Check out the global challenges from:

Bring your own or ask the organizers at your location to help you settle on a challenge for #HACK2021.

#2 Submit

Submit the project or solution to be reviewed by your local mentor

You will be asked to submit a project summary form that includes:

  • Names of your team members
  • Overall challenge
  • Project summary
  • Any additional project data
  • Project impact
  • Demonstration
  • Future Steps
  • 3-minute video
3-Minute Video Tips

A brief overview of what you are trying to solve.


The demonstration of what you did and what it can do (this is most important, otherwise judges will assume you did not create anything).


The solution’s impact: why does it matter?


Your project’s recommended next steps (shows your vision to move this forward)

#4 Regional Review

Your video and project summary will be reviewed on the regional level.

#5 Global Review

Top projects from the regional review will be submitted to our global judges.

Meet The Judges

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