World Vision

Enable Global Impact: A Marketplace For Connecting Donors to Real Needs

Build a system to enable people to make a global impact by offering their time, talent, or resources to deliver goodness in the world.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

To create jobs and alleviate poverty.

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Vanessa Cacho
Project Lead

Elwood Matthews
Project Lead

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World Vision is building a global marketplace to connect donors to those in need. This challenge has three specific areas of focus and #HACK2021 teams can focus on just one area or choose to focus on multiple areas.

The Challenge

Anastase is a farmer in Nyange, Rwanda. Ending extreme poverty for Anastase and his town depends on his and his neighbors’ ability to practice sustainable agriculture on their farms. To do this, Anastase needs to replace badly damaged farm equipment before the harvest.

The church in Nyange knows of Anastase’s needs. The church is a trusted partner of an online global marketplace that connects global needs with global donors. The church opens a campaign on behalf of Anastase, asking for help in replacing this critical farming equipment.

Isabel lives in Germany. She is looking for how she might use her resources to bless others. She comes across the need for farming equipment posted by Anastase’s church. Through the online marketplace, Isabel donates the money needed to cover the cost of replacing Anastase’s equipment.

The church receives the funds and purchases the replacement equipment for Anastase. Harvest season arrives.

This marketplace not only facilitates monetary or resource donations but will also facilitate the donation of time (volunteering) and ProBono services.

This project is the brainchild of World Vision, which is working toward eradicating extreme poverty. The marketplace has been designed. User stories have been written. Wireframes have been drawn up. But it hasn’t been built… yet. All it needs now are some bright and enthusiastic technologists to build the MVP.

This global challenge from World Vision focuses on building out the MVP for this global marketplace project, particularly as it relates to partner vetting, micro-volunteering, and impact measuring. The time for #HACK2021 participants to make a global impact is now.

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About World Vision

World Vision is committed to ending extreme poverty and laying the foundation for every child to experience Jesus’ promise of life in all its fullness (John 10:10). Ending extreme poverty is a priority not only for World Vision. By 2030, as part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, global leaders aim to eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere.

As a child-focused organization, World Vision sees children as a community’s most precious resource and central to addressing poverty. Since poverty is different in each context, World Vision works with communities, families, local leaders, and children themselves to identify solutions and transform lives.

Interested in working on this challenge?

We are excited for a variety of solutions to be developed for this challenge during #HACK2021. We are so glad you want to bring your unique skills and expertise to this challenge. Thank you!

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The journey we went on for the weekend was itself a series of miracles. On the event weekend, the Holy Spirit moved among the developers and teams.

#HACK City Lead

Seeing so many people passionate about using and sharing their gifts for God’s kingdom brings tears of joy to my eyes.

#HACK City Lead

HACK allowed me to see that we can make big things in a small amount of time with the Lord if we are available.

Tresor, N’Djamena

It was awesome to see how total strangers came together and worked together as if they had been a team for years. It was awesome to see the Lord at work through ordinary people using their skills for His glory.

Jonah, Pretoria

#HACK is a great way to get the IT community together and do something to help others and missions.

Rick, Chiang Mai

We’re grateful to be present, to be working for God side by side.

Iñaki, Buenos Aires

We got to see a room full of people begin to see their skillset as being part of the church body.

James, London

It was amazing to see mission-minded, servant-hearted volunteers commit so much time, working into the night to see the job done!

Winnie, Raleigh

God showed that He is still the one bringing people together to fulfill the mission.

Jonah, Iloilo