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Where Is The Church Not? A Map Of Every Village in the World

This type of visualization is hugely impactful for global church planting and missions strategy for decades to come.

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Coalition of the Willing

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Data collection and unreached people groups.

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Lee Berryman
Data Team Lead Project Manager

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This challenge revolves around data: finding, scraping, processing, verifying, and associating data. COTW is challenging #HACK2021 participants to build innovative, tested, and automated processes to obtain this data for an initial set of 23 countries.

The Challenge

Srijit and his family have made their decision. After years of praying and seeking counsel from the community of believers around them, they’ve decided to uproot and move to the northwest of their country, to find a village where there are no believers.

Their hope is to share about Jesus and plant a church of believers there.
But how will Srijit know which villages already have churches, and which do not?

He has heard of believers—other Bengladeshis like himself as well as some westerners—who have ventured into the region. But are there already believers in some of those villages, perhaps even some churches? If Srijit’s church community knew this information, they would know best how and where to send Srijit and his family for this pioneering work.

The Coalition of the Willing (COTW) is an association of global church planting ministries dedicated to sharing data with one another in order to determine where in the world the church is—and isn’t. They’re building a mapping tool to help visualize this data down to village-level granularity.

In its initial iteration, however, all of the village data they have associates GIS location data with village names which are in English. If Srijit were truly to benefit from this critical tool—and perhaps one day contribute his own on-the-ground reporting data of churches he discovers or plants—these village names would need to be in the local language.

The #HACK2021 global challenge from COTW is primarily data-oriented. COTW is looking for #HACK2021 teams to build innovative, tested, and automated processes to track down databases of localized names for villages and then accurately associate those names with their English/GIS counterparts. COTW needs prototype processes for populating localized village names for an initial 23 countries.

While the resulting names are important, even more important are the tools and processes that #HACK2021 teams build to acquire and associate those names. It is these processes that COTW will refine and retool in order to gather localized village names for all of the countries of the world.

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About Coalition of the Willing

COTW is a coordinated effort of willing ministries who share strategic data on Christian and church presence with the purpose of planting a church in every people and every place.

In 2020, several global ministry leaders met to discuss their joint vision of planting a church for every 1,000 people in the world. They concluded that, in order to understand the task remaining, they needed to do a better job of sharing information—to build a centralized database that could pinpoint the location of churches down to the village level. 

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We are excited for a variety of solutions to be developed for this challenge during #HACK2021. We are so glad you want to bring your unique skills and expertise to this challenge. Thank you!

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The journey we went on for the weekend was itself a series of miracles. On the event weekend, the Holy Spirit moved among the developers and teams.

#HACK City Lead

Seeing so many people passionate about using and sharing their gifts for God’s kingdom brings tears of joy to my eyes.

#HACK City Lead

HACK allowed me to see that we can make big things in a small amount of time with the Lord if we are available.

Tresor, N’Djamena

It was awesome to see how total strangers came together and worked together as if they had been a team for years. It was awesome to see the Lord at work through ordinary people using their skills for His glory.

Jonah, Pretoria

#HACK is a great way to get the IT community together and do something to help others and missions.

Rick, Chiang Mai

We’re grateful to be present, to be working for God side by side.

Iñaki, Buenos Aires

We got to see a room full of people begin to see their skillset as being part of the church body.

James, London

It was amazing to see mission-minded, servant-hearted volunteers commit so much time, working into the night to see the job done!

Winnie, Raleigh

God showed that He is still the one bringing people together to fulfill the mission.

Jonah, Iloilo