SAVE THE DATE: October 15-17 and 22-24, 2021

A Global Hackathon For Missions

The Indigitous #HACK gathers participants with unique skillsets for the purpose of responding to the most pressing needs that impact our society.

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In October 2021, the Indigitous network will convene a global hackathon of 1,000+ Christians in 40+ countries.


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What global mission problems can 1,000 Christians with digital talent tackle?

#HACK is...

#HACK is an event and community of developers, designers, coders, gamers, communicators, and entrepreneurs that aim to solve real-world problems through technology.

An Opportunity

Historically, #HACK has provided remarkable opportunities for hands-on, creative solving of difficult challenges through technology.

Building Solutions

What separates the Indigitous #HACK from other hackathons is our goal of mobilizing Christian technologists to honor God with our skills and talents. We learn from one another as we build solutions to challenges faced around the world.


These weekend-long design sprints highlight the collaborative aspect of innovation as we gather around a common vision of developing solutions to meet the needs of the church and world.

Bringing the Gospel Where It Needs To Go

More than building cool technology prototypes, #HACK catalyzes the spread of the gospel.

Level 1: Global Mission Gaps

Identifying overarching, global mission gaps helps us focus our efforts in bringing the gospel to where it has yet to go. #HACK2021 is seeking partnering organizations who bear missions gaps issues we can undertake.

With all selected global missions challenges, we are prepared to help frame the opportunity so teams can prototype innovative digital solutions.

Level 2: Field Challenges

Field challenges are specific projects that need to be applied in specific contexts. These issues likely require cultural contexts, specific processes or technologies to be successful.

With all field challenges, we are prepared to help organizations invite teams into their established ministry processes or methods in order to provide innovative solutions to their issues.

The Opportunity

If your organization has Level 1 or 2 challenges or opportunities, we are interested in partnering with you.

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This is the race we are running. This is our focus.

We want to help bring the gospel to those who need to hear.

Bible or Scripture Engagement

Scripture translation and engagement, discipleship, and prayer.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

To create jobs and alleviate poverty.

Missions Information

Data collection and unreached people groups.

Your Passion

Ways to help people discover Jesus in their local context.



Identify the issue or problem your organization or focus group is currently facing. State what you know about the context or circumstance that is relevant to your particular issue, e.g. current state of your organization, industry, technology, geography or ministry situation or plans.

If we are solving a smaller piece of the puzzle, please outline the overarching framework you are developing to address the problem and how our challenge fits into the bigger picture.



Explain the critical issues (changes, pressures, demands, obstacles, etc) that are impacting your Situation, creating problems, challenges or opportunities.



Describe the organizational or ministry consequences of failing to act on the problem or opportunity described in the Complication. What will happen if this problem fails to be addressed properly?



State clearly and confidently your opinion about what needs to be done to solve the problem of your organization or focus group.



Help the #HACK teams understand the tools needed, the questions to consider, or the obstacles to keep in mind as they work towards a solution for your issue.



Describe how your recommended Position and Action will address the specific needs of your organization or focus group. State clearly and quantifiably how their contributions will help your organization or focus group in the future.


How It Works



Fill in the application form.



The #HACK2021 team will arrange a call for further discussion.



Once the applications are selected, the #HACK2021 team will support you in communicating your challenge to the #HACK2021 teams and locations.



Leading up to the event, answer any questions and provide further clarifications to the teams who have selected your challenge.



Provide guidance for the teams working on the challenges over the 2 weekends in October.


Moving Forward

Select the team(s) that provided the most helpful solutions and potentially invite them to continue to build towards an MVP (minimum viable product).

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The journey we went on for the weekend was itself a series of miracles. On the event weekend, the Holy Spirit moved among the developers and teams.

#HACK City Lead

Seeing so many people passionate about using and sharing their gifts for God’s kingdom brings tears of joy to my eyes.

#HACK City Lead

HACK allowed me to see that we can make big things in a small amount of time with the Lord if we are available.

Tresor, N’Djamena

It was awesome to see how total strangers came together and worked together as if they had been a team for years. It was awesome to see the Lord at work through ordinary people using their skills for His glory.

Jonah, Pretoria

#HACK is a great way to get the IT community together and do something to help others and missions.

Rick, Chiang Mai

We’re grateful to be present, to be working for God side by side.

Iñaki, Buenos Aires

We got to see a room full of people begin to see their skillset as being part of the church body.

James, London

It was amazing to see mission-minded, servant-hearted volunteers commit so much time, working into the night to see the job done!

Winnie, Raleigh

God showed that He is still the one bringing people together to fulfill the mission.

Jonah, Iloilo

The hackathon at the 2015 Urbana Student Missions Conference inspired Indigitous co-founder Simon Seow to start our own #HACK.

#HACK was launched in 2016 with the help of Nicholas Skytland and Alicia Llewellyn, founders of various NASA hackathons, including the Space Apps Challenge and the National Day of Civic Hacking.

This is the sixth edition of Indigitous’ global missional hackathon.

Join the world’s largest global missional collaboration.

Since 2016, 210 cities have hosted a #HACK. Bring the hackathon to your city.

More than 4,300 hackers have participated in #HACK, sometimes working with people on the other side of the world.

316 missional projects have been started at #HACK events, all aimed at furthering the Great Commission.

41 #HACK locations have sustained active Indigitous communities after the event.

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What global mission problems will 1,000 Christians with digital talent tackle?

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